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Air horns you can trust to do the Job they are meant to do. Known for the Grover sound, reliability, quality, durability and look that compliments every vehicle.

Grover Products Company is committed to excellence. Built in the USA, our superior quality and sound are the standard of the industry. Grover Products Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air horns and parts. We have the horns you need.

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Every horn and part is made in the USA and is tested for perfect sound and quality. Built for reliability, durability, sound quality and endurance, every product is guaranteed with Grover’s seal of approval. Get the horn you want for the vehicle you love.

Grover Products Company is committed to ensuring that consumers who purchase Grover air horns do not fall victim to counterfeit products. Only products published on authorized sites and sold through our authorized distributors are authentic GROVER products, designed and manufactured in the United States. To report piracy or inquire about the legitimacy of Grover products, consumers should e-mail piracy@groverproducts.com or call Heidi in Customer Service at (323) 263-9981.



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